I was busy editing when I had some lovely news that I had won a few more photography awards.

The Wedding Photojournalist Association is a worldwide organisation of the best wedding photographers in the world.  They have awarded me some “masterpiece” awards.

They are all about natural unposed photography, the kind of pictures I love shooting.

Best Wedding Photographer France

Every picture tells it’s own story!  From the couple leaving in the back of a rolls to the girls dancing the night away.  Telling stories is what I love to do.  I’m always looking for an image that sums up a moment because it’s all these moments that add up to being able to remember so much more about your wedding day. These days go so fast and when it’s all over, you just want to be back there.  I hope my images transport my clients back to the best day of their lives over and over again.

Here are some of them…

best wedding photographer france

This picture (above) was from Grace and Joe’s wedding at the beautiful Chateau Les Carrasses.  Grace got dressed with her Mum’s help and when she was ready, her bridesmaid walked around the corner and saw her for the first time. Anticipation is so much a part of being a wedding photojournalist, watching the room, thinking about what might unfold next and getting in the right position to capture it. I love her expression.

Best wedding photographer France

Rachel was waiting to enter her wedding that was held at The Tower of London.  The day was really wet and her Mum shelters here with an umbrella.  They were at the top of some steps with the dark clouds behind them, the use of the silhouette, simplifies the composition and draws your attention to the mum struggling to keep the umbrella over her daughter.

Best wedding photographer France

As any parent can testify, sometimes you have to work as a team! Actually as it goes, these two were not the parents of the little boy, they were just giving mum a break. Shot at the incredible Chateau de Roquelune. 

Best wedding photographer France

Andy and Sonia’s winter wedding was just fabulous, the couple hired a vintage wedding car and waved from the back seat to their guests.  The low winter sunshine at that time highlighted their celebratory glass of champagne and the angle and layers in the scene illustrates the moment well.

Montpellier wedding photographer

Everyone helped get the bride into her dress and the excitement was very real.  I love the expression on her face, everyone else is helping in different ways and she looks giddy with excitement.

Children at a wedding

Children always provide such entertaining images. This was shot at Chateau de Pouget on their lawn.  There’s always time for tickles in the drinks reception.

Best wedding photographer France

One of the most fun things to shoot at a wedding is the dancing.  The band started and everyone went wild.  I love the excitement of the girls, all friends of the bride in this image. Getting down low has cleaned up a cluttered background and focussed the viewers attention on the girls.

See more from the wedding at Chateau Pouget here

Best wedding photographer France

The moment the groom saw his bride for the first time, his bestman held his shoulder as he wiped tears from his eyes.  Noticing details like this throughout the day will give you such a reminder of what the day was REALLY like.

award-winning photography

Another award from Grace and Joe’s wedding at Chateau Les Carrassess.  After a long confetti line and getting the full force of 120 people throwing petals, Joe’s groomsman thrown the basket at him.  It’s almost like a custard pie! When I shoot, i like to be right in the action, so great moments are frozen forever.

Best wedding photographer France