It was the most beautiful sunny day at for a wedding at Chateau Les Carrasses.  The chateau literally glows on days like this!  Jeandre and Madjid’s wedding was an amazing day to be part of.  When I shoot a wedding I have the same end goal every time; to give my clients their day back again, after it’s over.  Because it goes so fast and you can’t do it again.  I feel that if I can create a set of images that my clients can look at over and over again and relive these moments, then I have done a good job.

The Preparations

Shooting preparations is very important to me.  It’s a time to get close to the wedding party and become part of the group.  Because I want clients to feel relaxed around me, so I can get better photos. I want to be an insider not an outsider. So arriving ahead of time and chatting and getting to know the group a little better, so they feel comfortable around me is so important. I started the shoot over with the boys in their villa. Champagne was poured and the guys laughed and joked around while helping Madjid get dressed.

Jeandre was over in the main house with her girls.  She looked so amazing!  One of the best moments I captured was the moment her bridesmaids and father saw her in her dress for the first time.  It was really emotional. We took a few quick portraits and then it was off to get married.

The Wedding Ceremony at Chateau Les Carrasses

The wedding was held outside in front of the beautiful glasshouse, designed by Gustave Eiffel. Friends and family looked on as Jeandre and Madjid exchanged rings, said their vows to each other and even had a sand ceremony. Afterwards the guest lined the pathway and showered the couple with confetti.  Drinks and canapés were served on the terrace above where the ceremony was held.  It enjoys beautiful views across the countryside.

Chateau Carrasses Wedding Photographer

I like to shoot in a hands-off relaxed way; capturing personalities, emotion, fun and connections between people. I always shoot groups and portraits but I do take all day to do it.  Enjoying the day you married your best friend is much more important than staring at your wedding photographer all afternoon!

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