This is without a doubt one of the most stunning, rustic wedding venues in the south of France.  Anyone who had a Domain Saint Germain wedding is in for a treat.  Mas means country house and this country house is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.  The views are exceptional.  You can see all the way to Pic Saint Loup, the peaked mountain top famous for its wine. The house its self boasts many bedrooms for guests to stay comfortably.  Also, an incredible infinity pool with views across to Pic Saint Loup.

The day of Sam and Jen’s Mas Saint Germain wedding was perfection weather wise.  A clear blue sky and pleasantly warm.  I arrived to shoot the preparations of both Jen and Sam.  Jen was upstairs getting ready with the girls and Sam was in one of the rooms just off the courtyard.  The day was of course planned to perfection, my husband is the recommended wedding planner there.  Everything was set for their Domain Saint Germain wedding.

Ray Thatcher conducted the ceremony.  Ray always makes ceremonies so personal for couples.  He incorporated the “loving cup”.  Used in the 15th century, it was used amongst Celtic couples.  The loving cup also has roots in French culture, so perfect for a south of France wedding. After the ceremony the couple were showed with confetti before making their way poolside for champagne, cocktails and canapés.

Sam and Jen didn’t want loads of posed group pictures for their Domain Saint Germain wedding because they wanted lots of natural pictures of their guests.  We took 15 minutes to shoot some simple groups.  I like to arrange groups in a stylish, elegant way.

Have a look at the pictures below and do get in touch with me if you are having a Domain Saint Germain wedding…

Congratulations Sam and Jen.  It was an honour to shoot your Domain Saint Germain wedding.